Now booking from August – December ’24 – for portrait and personal brand sessions

Ewa Kara, London photographer, sitting, holding camera and smiling


Hey! Welcome!

I’m Ewa Kara and I’m a portrait photographer based in London, UK and…

I strongly believe there’s no such thing as being photogenic! Really!

There are only people who are and those who are not comfortable in front of a camera and it is my job (as your photographer) to keep you calm and relaxed, pose you just a little bit, and then take a photo of you to fall in love with.

That’s my ultimate goal and yes, I think that’s possible with everyone, even with camera-shy people 🙂

How do I know it?

Well, I’ve learned it first hand – I was once a camera-shy person myself and every now and then I make sure to be photographed as well (so… I put myself in your shoes), to not to forget how my clients may feel.

Some trivia you might want to know about me:

  • I am a fan of speciality coffee but… I’ll never point a finger if you like to have yours with milk. I’m not that kind of hipster 🙂
  • I’m in love with fluffy dogs, unicorns and tomatoes.
  • One of my favourite books when I was a child was Paddington (I love this bear! Have you seen the movies? I think they’re adorable. Can we have the Paddington 3, pretty please?)
  • I’ve been making websites since I was 14 and the teenage hobby became my career for 10 years so besides English, Polish and a bit of Spanish I also speak such languages as HTML, JS or PHP. aaand I’m also a writer – I wrote a novel which I’m trying to get published now. I think you can call me a woman of renaissance.
  • I live in Richmond-upon-Thames and I am crazy about this area!