Now booking from August – December ’24 – for portrait and personal brand sessions

I approached Ewa for a personalised shoot and she was back in touch with me straight away. She helped me decide what I really wanted for the shoot and sourced out the best location for me. Once the shoot began she made me feel so at ease and created a really comfortable environment. My aim was to get a few smiley shots, dance shots and a couple of serious ones, and WOW she delivered! She knew exactly what to say to help me create the right pose or facial expression (shouted out funny things to create my natural laughing pics) and told me how to hold my hands to avoid any awkward posing. She was then super speedy sending the photos back with a teeny bit of editing to which I was overjoyed. I absolutely love them and will be using them for years! I highly recommend Ewa and thank her again for my most fabulous photos!

Chloe Cavanagh

We are so pleased with the photos that Ewa has taken. She was engaging and professional throughout the entire process, and we really value the way she worked. Before our photo shoot, we had a conversation with Ewa about our team values and culture, and she came up with some great suggestions for group photos which really captured this. We had fun too!  She had lots of ideas for our individual headshots including some great locations close to our meeting point, and thanks to her skills we are all really pleased with the end results. Thank you, Ewa.

Digital Action

This year 2020 is very unusual and for many of us a very difficult challenge. I will remember it yet, as a year of wonderful experiences which did wonders for my well-being. The photoshoot with Ewa was definitely one of the most beautiful surprises this year brought to me. Wearing a very special dress which I bought for my 40th birthday, I was photographed by the most kind and sensitive woman, I have recently met. Ewa guided me through the whole process and helped me to overcome my shyness. The result of this photoshoot was overwhelming for me. I saw a beautiful girl on Ewa‘s photos and it was Ewa who helped this beauty to shine. In this second lockdown which is for me hard to cope with, I often look at the pictures from that beautiful afternoon in Polish Warmia and I feel happy and grateful.


When I entered Ewa’s cosy home studio last spring, I immediately felt comfortable and at ease. Over the years, Ewa has improved so much since our first session. She has always been great at making people feel comfortable during the photo shoot, but now she’s become a real pro. As someone who isn’t a model, it can be hard to know how to pose and look good in pictures. But with Ewa, there’s no need to worry. She effortlessly guides you with helpful tips for posing that not only make you look your best, but also give you confidence in front of the camera. Ewa pays close attention to detail, works hard, and loves what she does, making the whole experience really enjoyable. She has a unique talent for seeing the beauty in her clients. I highly recommend working with Ewa for a fantastic and fun experience.


I was so happy when Ewa approached me and said she can take some photos of me. I had already seen what she can do and was mesmerized by her skills. While I was a little afraid to ask such a talented person for a private session, it turned out Ewa is very friendly and understanding. She is not expecting you to have modelling knowledge, and is happy to help with her ideas for the perfect picture. She created a welcoming atmosphere and I feel lucky I was able to pose for her.


For a long time I couldn’t decide to have a more courageous and feminine photos taken of myself. Ewa managed to achieve the impossible. She tamed my camera-shy nature and brought out my natural beauty and femininity. At first, I was very stressed, not at peace with my emotions. I was very critical to myself, I wanted to strike the best pose, have the best face and as a result I was so stressed that I have done the opposite… Suddenly Ewa told me „Just be kind to yourself!” and it was like a magic spell that crushed the ice covering my freedom and naturalness. I won’t forget these words for the rest of my life. She enchanted me and brought out what I couldn’t see in myself. I’ve been nice to myself ever since! Not only in the session, it changes my world for the better. The session was magical – and I love myself!
Ewa, thank you!


Session with Ewa was delightful. She distracted me with interesting conversation and incorporated into it posing directions. With a quick click she created beautiful and “so me” portraits. I would recommend a session with Ewa to everyone who’s shy of camera, you will not even have time to stress.


Marta Marecka - portrait by Ewa Kara

I’m not sure I ever want to be photographed by anyone else. Ewa is just that good. Before my business photoshoot we had a very detailed conversation about what I wanted. Ewa found just the perfect venue and she took such amazing pictures of me I had problems choosing the best ones. She nailed the mood I wished to convey through these photos to my clients. She also made me feel very at ease during the photoshoot. The whole experience was a blast and looking at these pictures I feel really beautiful. I had my photos taken by several photographers and my experience with Ewa is by far the best I’ve had. Money well spent.


Mademoiselle Ginger - portrait by Ewa Kara

I have worked with Ewa on two separate occasions now and have been very happy with the results. She is super friendly and cares deeply about getting the best images for her clients. I would, and have recommended Ewa to other artists.

Mademoiselle Ginger

Last year I decided to change my website. I am so happy that I have chosen Ewa to be my photographer. Her pictures look amazing on my new website, and they bring a lot of light and colour to it! And most importantly, I look very professional and cheerful at the same time. This effect was significant for me because I work as a Polish Language Teacher, and I wanted to show my attitude to work and my personality. I believe that Ewa’s photos give people the idea of who I am.
Before our meeting, I was pretty nervous. Like many other people, I also don’t like being photographed. But Ewa created a friendly atmosphere, and very quickly, I felt relaxed and natural.
Ewa, thank you for being such a great photographer!

Anna Matecka