Now booking from August – December ’24 – for portrait and personal brand sessions

Modern portrait experience celebrate yourself with a photo session in London

Imagine someone looking at you and seeing your uniqueness and beauty. Your experience and wisdom. Courage to take care of others around you, sometimes forgetting about yourself.

Imagine a few hours that are about you and for you. You are the VIP and someone’s taking care of you, pampering you, and making you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Imagine having photographs on your wall or in an album that remind you every day how special you are.

Because you are.

I see you.
Brave, patient, caring, strong, wise and sensitive.
All your faces.

And I would love you to see it too.

I’m your cheerleader and you’re my star
So let me invite you to have a photo session with me and let’s create modern portraits of you. I know this can change how you see yourself.

How do modern portrait sessions work?

1. Pre-session consultation

In real life or over a video call, we will meet for a coffee (or your fav drink) and chat. I already know you’re awesome but I don’t take your trust for granted & I want to earn it. Great photos come with a good connection. So we will get to know each other and discuss and plan the details of your session.

You don’t need to know how you would like to be photographed just yet. But I ask everyone these two Qs:
How do you want to feel about your photos?
How do you want to feel about yourself in the photos?

No cookie cutters here, nor fast food. We’ll design the session for your needs.

2. Your photo session

Think professional make-up, multiple outfit changes, and a fan to make your hair look amazing.
Don’t stress about posing. Think dancing, walking, jumping, leaning… I’ve got you.
In the studio and/or outdoors.

Prepare to shine, feel fabulous and have lots of fun. Relax and enjoy, because this day is about YOU!

3. The grand reveal & ordering meeting

About two weeks after the session you will see your photographs. First, you’ll see the slideshow of all the images and some behind the scene videos to get you back to the day. Prepare tissues because you may cry from happiness. Second, we will get through all the photos together, and you will pick your favourites.
Third, would you like digitals, elegant folio box, discreet album or bold wall art? Sky is the limit, pick whatever makes your soul sing! And celebrate how an amazing human being you are. Every day.

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