Now booking from August – December ’24 – for portrait and personal brand sessions

One of my biggest goals as a photographer is to capture the essence and emotions of every person that stands (or sits) in front of my camera. Today, I want to share a simple yet powerful technique I use all the time during my both portrait and personal branding photo sessions… or maybe I should rather call it a tip! a prompt! A spell: “The power of closing your eyes”. I believe that this elevates your photos to a whole new level of authenticity and that helps to connect with the viewers enormously.
And it is really as simple as that…

Overcoming the fear

I know being in front of someone’s camera is intimidating and even scary. I remember myself before my first photo session: I was full of doubt, I wanted to call off everything and run away somewhere nobody is going to find me. After all, it is someone you do not necessarily know very well who is going to watch your every move and gesture. And she’s going to have them captured in images. How scary is that!
Especially if the photographer is impatiently waiting for YOU to come up with all the ideas and strike pose after pose.

And speaking quickly about (not being) strangers…

Every session with me is a collaborative thing and because I work with only a handful of people a month, you’re never “just another client” for me.
So before we meet for a session be sure we’re going to talk. We will exchange emails, and we will talk on Zoom (and maybe not even once). And don’t be surprised when I ask you about what makes you laugh and what’s your favourite song. I love to and I will take time to get to know you. I’m not a speed-dating kind of person and not a “book, shoot and go” kind of photographer.

I want us to connect on a deeper level.

All these to prepare a customised photo session that will truly meet your needs and dreams, to stop being a stranger to you and as a result to create photos that look and feel like the real YOU.

Finding Authenticity in Photography, connecting with emotions

I know for a fact that it is not your job to know how to pose or what to do with yourself during your photo session. So worry not about your hands and legs, and hips, and chin, and…, I got you! I have many tips and tricks up my sleeve to not only make you look good but also FEEL good.

And one of my absolute favourite prompts is… to close your eyes and imagine doing something in a place that you love with someone that you love. (Hence the talk before, so I know that you are ie. a cat or a dog pawrent).

Visualise that space. Breathe deeply and feel the air taste.

By doing this and envisioning this heartfelt connection, we create a space for true emotions to surface.

  • Your facial and body muscles relax,
  • Your lips lift in a gentle smile,
  • Your breath slows down,
  • You radiate an authentic sense of peace and contentment that shines through every pose
  • And last but defo not least – when you are thinking about something nice and pleasant, you help your body with creating serotonin

And while all these happens I am able to capture your genuine self in a photograph that tells your unique story. Win!

The power of closing your eyes

I’m so glad that this world starts to appreciate showing vulnerability more and more. That we start talking about mental health and being neurodivergent. But there’s still not enough of that. In a world that often celebrates strength, showing vulnerability is a courageous act of self-expression.

You might think “It’s just closed eyes” but by doing that, we can dive into the present moment and reveal our genuine softness. This powerful display of authenticity creates a deep connection between the viewer and the photograph, between you and (if your photos were taken for your personal brand) your ideal clients. It helps to evoke emotions that resonate deeply and to build trust…
People want to buy from people they trust. And trust is only possible when we’re not anonymous to each other.

As Brene Brown once said:

“Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity, and change.”

And I couldn’t agree more. Plus becoming vulnerable means to me to show who I am and not be afraid of that. It allows me to connect with myself and connect with other people. And last but not least, being vulnerable means being human to me <3