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Rana's Delights, baker based in Teddington and Richmond - Personal branding photoshoot in London


A personal brand photo session with Rana from Rana’s Delights

31 August 2023
Personal branding

I’m super excited to kick off the series of blog posts showing off my gorgeous personal brand photo session clients. But to also share with you a story with a happy ending because Rana from Rana’s Delights – the hero of today’s blog post – revived my hope, my tastebuds, my everything!

But first… A bit of back story…

I’m going to be personal here – Imagine that you have a sweet tooth. And you like eating out. And you’re gluten intolerant. And you’re not the strongest in baking.
🎶 It’s me, hi, I’m the problem… EKHEM 🎶

So when all people get the dessert menu after they had a yummy dinner and think whether to choose A or B or C or D…

Worst case scenario, you skip pudding. At best… You can usually have a brownie.
Gluten-free ones are available almost everywhere. It is as if someone thinks “GF? I’ll make a brownie”. Cool, but when that’s the only thing you can have… well… Enough to say after a few years of eating only them… I am not a fan anymore 😉

Rana's Delights decorating cake, baker based in Teddington and Richmond - Personal branding photoshoot in London by Ewa Kara Photography

Until I met Rana at Duckpond Market in Richmond. And I was spoiled for choice. And that made me the happiest girl alive. True story.
Because she not only had one gluten-free cupcake displayed. SHE HAD MORE THAN ONE. A FEW. I could have a vanilla cupcake, a passion fruit one, a red velvet one… And an APPLE CRUMBLE CUPCAKE (my personal favourite!)
And she had chocolate chip cookies so delicate and soft and a bit caramelised. And cakes! God, finally some cakes with buttercream that I can eat.

Personal branding photo session is not only about creating photos. You can create GIFs too!

Personal branding photo session is not only about creating photos. You can create GIFs too!


One bite and you were in heaven. I swear.

And by the way, she also had normal – gluten FULL – stuff too. So she not only made me happy but also my husband.

So you understand, when one day Rana asked me to take photos for her website, I was overjoyed!

About Rana’s personal brand photo session

Meeting Rana for her personal brand photo session was an absolute delight. I set up the lights in her kitchen and watched her doing her magic. I snapped candid shots of her working on her treats – it was like capturing the real Rana, not just her creations. From decorating cakes to making those delicate macarons, every photo showed the love she puts into her baking. And she was so focused! This personal brand session wasn’t just about the food; it was about showing the heart behind it all. It’s a peek behind the scenes that makes her treats even more awesome.

And when the macaroons were in the oven, we stepped outside into her gorgeous garden and took some photos of her. Because having some in-action photos together with some portraits that you can use in your marketing gives you this great combo when you want to show bits of your personality and professionalism.

Unfortunately for me, Rana is not on Duckpond Market anymore (fortunately for her I suppose, because preparing so much stuff must have been exhausting) but if you have school-aged kids around the Richmond area CHECK HER OUT. She’s running holiday camps and after-school clubs in the local schools where she’s teaching kids how to bake. They’ve recently done focaccias. I’ve never done a focaccia! I wish I had her around when I was a kid!

Her profiles are @ranasdelights and @bakewithrana and her website is

Rana, I love you and what you’re creating and we need to talk about these apple crumble cupcakes… I can’t imagine my autumn without them!

And PS. This is my birthday cake, isn’t it gorgeous? – I’ll choose Rana’s bespoke cakes over mass-production cakes in a heartbeat.

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